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Focusing on ASEAN Matters



“Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand have joined in a small family grouping called the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is only the beginning, but we hope that the cooperation will expand and that all the free nations in this part of the world can contribute to their own safety, their own security, and do their own advancement for the preservation and maintenance of peace.”

Thanat Khoman, 1967



As a reflection of President Kennedy’s striving for cooperation among nations for mutual benefit, and the similar vision of Dr. Thanat Khoman as relates to the countries of Southeast Asia, the Foundation has placed increasing emphasis on promoting a greater understanding of and appreciation for the cultures and traditions of the peoples of the ASEAN region. During the past decade, two major projects have focused on this effort.





The Thanat Khoman ASEAN Library

In 2014 the Foundation provided a large grant to the National Institute for Development Administration (NIDA) to create a modern information center and library in honor of Dr. Thanat. This facility has become an important resource for all members of the ASEAN community.

SEA Junction

The Foundation has also supported the establishment and operation of SEA Junction, a non-profit cultural center that provides a welcoming venue for exchanging ideas and generating interest among students, specialists and the general public in Southeast Asian traditions, arts, economy, development, and pertinent issues of the peoples of Southeast Asia.




S.E.A. Write Awards

The annual S.E.A. Write Competition was able to give awards to talented writers from the ASEAN community despite the economic crisis in 1998 with strong financial support from the Foundation.