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Encouraging Appreciation of Thai and American Cultural Heritage


    Fostering a deeper appreciation of the cultural heritage of Thailand and of the United States has been an important focus of the Foundation. This interest has been expressed through support of publications, conferences and cultural events that have provided a wealth of knowledge, new insights, and pleasurable experiences in history, archeology, music, religion as well as other areas.


The Ban Chiang Museum

A greater understanding of Thailand’s cultural history and its archeological treasures has been brought about through the Foundation’s support of numerous publications and studies of Ban Chiang history and discoveries.


Funds to construct a new bulding for the Ban Chiang Museum in Udon Thani at the site of the archeological excavations were provided to the Fine Arts Department in 1984 to house the archeological remains found there and to serve as a facility for study and research.


Jazz Concert

In 2019 the Foundation joined with the United States Embassy to bring to Thailand outstanding musicians who provided samples of American jazz music for Thai ears at a concert organized in memory of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great.



Symphony Orchestra Concert

    Over the years, the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra received support in a number of ways, with the Foundation sponsoring concerts, providing specialized training, and encouraging a vibrant cultural environment in Thailand. Additionally, in 2019 the Siam Sinfonietta, a youth orchestra, received support to present concerts in the United States.