Thai-US Relationship


Promoting respect, friendship and understanding between Thailand and the United States


Thailand and the United States have had a friendship that has endured for more than two centuries. Through the exchange of people, ideas, knowledge, programs and products, citizens of the two nations have become closer and more understanding of one another. This relationship is recognized and encouraged through support of many of its activities, with the aim of strengthening and expanding that bond.



Great and Good Friends Project

The Foundation was a sponsor of the ‘Great and Good Friends’ Exhibition of the United States Embassy in 2018, which highlighted the royal gifts presented to American presidents by Thai monarchs over the past 200 years.



Peace Corps Thailand

The 50th Anniversary celebration in 2012 of the American Peace Corps in Thailand was supported by the Foundation. One of President Kennedy’s major accomplishments was the establishment of this organization, which has seen more than 5,000 mainly young people come to Thailand to live and work with counterparts in health, education, rural development, and environment.



Promotion of Scientific and Technological Collaboration


Collaboration between Thai and American experts in fields of science and technology has done much to generate close personal relationships while at the same time bringing in needed knowledge and understanding in specialized areas. The Foundation has invested significant resources to promote such opportunities.


JFK-NTU Project in Engineering, Science, Technology and Management

Between 1996 and 1999, the Foundation supported university staff and curriculum development through the satellite network of the National Technological University in the United States. Grants to more than 14 Thai institutions enabled dozens of university lecturers to upgrade their knowledge and understanding in their fields of engineering, science, technology, and management by taking advanced courses from outstanding professors at 47 leading universities in the United States.


AIT and New Technologies

The Foundation’s long-standing support to the Asian Institute of Technology through grants to invite specialists in newly developing technologies to join the institution, has created a considerable accumulation of important knowledge for Thailand and the region. Fields such as Bioprocess Technology and new approaches in Information Science have been strengthened through the contributions of distinguished scholars supported by the Foundation.